October Cms

Discover one of the best CMS on the market: October CMS.

We will discover in this post the Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to read this ticket:October CMS.

Yes, as web development specialists, what better way to base the creation of our website on what we think today is the best platform on the market?

As a video is better than a big speech, find the official video on the Vimeo platform, so you can better understand the nice features of this framework:

It is based on [Laravel] (https://laravel.com/), itself based on [Symfony] (https://symfony.com/) and is fully configurable!

Its plugin system looks very similar to that of the platform [Wordpress] (https://fr.wordpress.com/), essential open source CMS ...

We will discover in future tickets how to create a theme and a plugin for October CMS .

See you soon,

The web agency weenesta

Posted in Tutorials on Aug 16, 2017

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