What is api / web-services ?

Discover what is api and web-services

What is Api / Web-services ?

Lorsque vous discuterez avec un prestataire informatique, vous entendrez souvent ces termes !

  1. API : It's an application programming interface, , it makes it possible to connect two services between them.

In fact, this infrastructure allows data exchange secure and optimal through a network such as Internet .

As of today, two methods share the bulk of the market:

  • SOAP, based on an envelope and XML system, it allows to perform specific actions on the server.

  • REST, based on the HTTP protocol, it allows the best use of the latter to manipulate data relating to traditional entities.
  1. Web-services, It's an acronym, a web-service Refers to an end point given to an API.

Here you know a little more about these computer terms ...

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